The demand for Marketing personnel appears to be high at all times and at least for the for sellable future. This trend is excepted to continue upwards. The reason for this is that more and more business people have recognized the centrally of marketing in generating profit . It would appear, therefore that there is a job out therefore you marketing provided you are willing to work hard for it.

The whole economic system comes to life through marketing for. If people stopped buying, there would be no point infirms, producing anything. Therefore position in marketing can offer an additional compensation beyond a salary. The feeling that you are helping to make something happen, that you are helping to keep the economic cycle going. Which promoting consumer satisfaction and general well being. SHBE is a dynamic and ambitious organization with our vision to be the leading herbal management group driven by entrepreneur executive globally.

This organization operate international multiple platform our ambition to create more and more successful person without invest money only invest your attitude and hard work.


Excellent communication skills to interact with clients.

Excellent English reading, writing and speaking skills.

Ability to understand client requirements and indentify the feature list.

Experience in requirements gathering and analysis.

Experience in preparing business proposals.

Candidates interested to work with the company and trained as per industry standard submit their resume to