Shree Sanjeevani Pain Relieving Oil

₹ 230.00

product details

It uses in Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sprains and Muscular pain, Lumbago, Sciatica,and Myosities, Reduces Swelling and Tendrness, Slipdisc promotes , Blood Circulation. gently massage on the affected part to facilitate.

Direction for use
It Helps In Body Pain Muscle Pain, Arthritis, Cervical Pain. Gently massage on the attached part to facilitate.
Kapoor Crystal - A.B.3%
Gandhpuro - Bh.P.5%
Tarpin Oil - Bh.P.10%
Phudina Phool Crystal - A.B.1%
Nilgiri Oil- Bh.P.3%
Taj Oil- A.B.1%
Lavanga Oil- A.B.1%
Hari Patti Oil - Bh.P.4%
Lemon Grass & Raj (Musterd)- A.B.5%
Sarsav Oil- Bh.P.67%

Product Code : Pain Killer